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Hi I’m Loc

Why do I do what I do?

Well I have a vague idea why…

Loc is a curious happy explorer.

I have a desire to create beautiful and unique images, to create what I haven't seen before and what tickles my boat. I like to play with perception, beauty, abstraction, reality and geometry within human form.

I’m happy and very grateful to be able to live a life exploring my visual curiosities and making connections and collaborating with people all over the world, learning from them all and creating images that are unique.

It’s taken me a while to get here, wherever here actually is. I’ve dabbled in many different kinds of photography and worked for many great photographers all over the world. Based in Paris, France, I am happy and enjoying the journey like a soaring albatross on an arctic breeze that’s just spotted a lone Mackerel. #doalbatroseveneatmackerel?.

Please do get in touch with regards to either Limited Edition Prints - Chats - Collaborations or Commissions Email me at -

Cya Somewhere



Loc has been published in and/or commissioned by:

Harpers Bazaar Australia, Vogue Brazil, Encens Magazine Paris, Collective Mag, Ritz Hotel Paris, L’imparfait Magazine Paris, The Australian News Paper - Weekender, Spicers Retreats, Private Clients